List of Works


4: a musical drama in response to the four girls killed in Birmingham AL in 1963

for SATB solo voices, female choir, and chamber orchestra 55 min [2010]

(Text: Lucille Clifton, Amiri Baraka, Waring Cuney, Donald Jeffrey Hayes)



FLYING FISH for orchestra 15 min [2016]

BIORHYTHM for large orchestra divided in two 25 min [1997]

BLEUE 3 movements for strings, brass, and percussion 15 min [1997]

ORCHESTRAL STUDY #1 for chamber orchestra 6 min [1988]

MESSAGES for chamber orchestra 13 min [2008]

THE PEOPLE COULD FLY for solo violin, narrator, and string orchestra 15 min [2004]

AUROREAN AIR for string orchestra 5 min [2014]

JUBA For Strings for string orchestra 9 min [2017]



NIGRA SUM for SATB choir [2018]

BOND MUSIC for Children's Chorus and Adult Amplified Octet Chorus [2015]

GIVEN SOUND (text by Pauline Kaldas) for SSATB choir 6 min [2007]

O DAEDALUS FLY AWAY HOME (text by Robert Hayden) for SATB choir and SS children’s choir 9 min [2006]

VISIONS OF GLORY for SATB choir 4 min [2004]

MY HEART HATH TRUSTED IN GOD (text: gradual for Trinity 11) for SATB choir 4 min [2003]

ASHES (text: excerpts from Psalm 102) for SATB choir and SATB semi chorus 7 min [2002]

THE GENTLEST THING (chapter 43 of the tao te ching) for SATB choir 4 min [2001]

MESSE ANCIENNE (kyrie, sanctus, benedictus, and agnus dei) for SATB choir 9 min [2000]

VISIONS OF GLORY for SATB choir 5 min [1999]

O SING UNTO THE LORD A NEW SONG for SSS choir 4 min [1997]

HEAR MY PRAYER, O LORD double SATB choir 7 min [1994]

ET VIDI COELUM NOVUM for SATB choir 6 min [1992]

PRECES and RESPONSES for SATB choir 6 min [2009]

DELIVER ME, O LORD (text: gradual for passion sunday) for SATB choir 1.5 min [1998]



SYLVAN SOUNDS (text: The Clearing by Patrick Phillips) for SATB choir and piano [2015]

TRUTH TONES (text: St. Augustine and Paul Laurence Dunbar) for SSA children’s choir and cello 3 min [2008]

PSALM MEMORIES for SATB choir, oboe, harp, and organ 6 min [2008]

MA’AT MUSINGS (text: Ancient Egyptian pyramid texts) 4 movements for SATB choir and two percussionists 20 min [2005]

SPRING CLOUDS (text: Su Shunqin 11th cent.) for SAB choir and piano 5 min [2003]

RIVERS OF LIVING WATER for SATB choir and organ 4 min [2003]

MAGNIFICAT and NUNC DIMITIS for SATB choir and organ 7 min [2001]

IN THEE, O LORD (text: gradual for Trinity 5) for SATB choir and organ 2 min [1998]



GRIOT LEGACIES (using a 1960 Alan Lomax recording of a spiritual and Lord, How Come Me here, There is a Balm and I Got Shoes) for SS children’s choir, SATB adult choir, and orchestra 19 min [2014]

PATHS OF PEACE (text: Jupiter Hammon) for SATB choir and chamber orchestra 10 min [2012]

MARY’s VERSES Magnificat with marian text reflections for SATB choir, three soprano soloists, string orchestra, and harp 9 min [2005]

THREE MOODS (Text: Carol Ann Davis and Garrett Doherty) for SATB choir and orchestra 16 min [2004]



COMFORT SONGS (text: Patrick Phillips) 3 songs for soprano and piano 10 min [2014]

WATER SONGS (text: Bryan Penberthy) 3 movements for soprano, percussion and cello 13 min [2011]

LIFE GOES (text: Lewis Alexander) 6 haikus for soprano, flute, clarinet, percussion, harp, and cello 25 min [2006]

LOVE SENSES (text: excerpts from the Song of Songs) 4 movements for soprano and organ 18 min [2002]

SONGS OF THE ANONYMOUS LOVER (text: 14th anonymous french songs) 3 songs for soprano, viola and cello 10 min [2001]

I WALK (text: Trevor Weston) for mezzo-soprano and piano 4 min [2000]

EVENING SONGS (text by African American Poets from Charleston, SC) 5 songs for baritone and piano 10 min [2001]

THE MASK (text: Paul Laurence Dunbar) for baritone and piano 3 min [1999]

VARIAL for baritone and piano 2 min [1999]

WADE IN THE WATER arr. for baritone and piano 2.5 min[1993]

THERE IS A BALM IN GILEAD arr. for baritone and piano 3 min [1993]

MARY HAD A BABY arr. for baritone and piano 3 min [1993]

LADY LOVE for tenor, oboe, clarinet, violin, and cello 4 min [1989]

O MARIA (text: medieval conductus) for countertenor and viol consort. 8.5 min [2015]



DIG IT for Bang on a Can All-Stars (cl/, e. gtr, mar/drm set, pno, vc, db. 6,im. [2019]

UUU for string quartet 9 min [2017]

WAFTING CLOUDS for piano 4 min. [2019]

BLOOM for string trio 3 min [2013]

FLUTE COMMUTE for flute ensemble 4 min [2013]

FUDO MYOO for string quartet 7 min [2012]

ARMA LUCIS (based on advent chants: ad te domino and te lucis ante dominum)  for 2 trumpets and organ 8 min [2012]

MESSAGES for flute, bassoon, trumpet in B flat, and string quartet 13 min [2012]

DITTY RAM 3 movements for 2 oboes and English horn 10 min [2009]

SIRENS for cello and trombone 9 min [2007]

LEGACY WORKS 3 spiritual arrangements for clarinet, violin, viola, and cello 10 min [2014]

VERVE MUSIC for flute, oboe, and cello 15 min [2004]

FANFARE FOR CHANGES for two trumpets 3 min [2003]

ROUGE for string quartet 5 min [2003]

IMAGES for piano trio 14 min [2003]

BREATHE for harmonium and accordion 7 min [2002]

SUITE BIMSHIRE for piano quintet 15 min [2000]

AC’S TURNING for brass quintet 5 min [2000]

FANFARE for string ensemble 4 min [1996]

SPRING CHANGES for double bass and piano 5 min [1995]

REMEMBRANCE for clarinet then piano 4.5 min [1993]

STREAMS 3 movements for flute, clarinet, viola, cello, piano, and percussion 17 min [1990-1992]




SHAPE SHIFTER for violoncello 8 min [2011]

EURYTHMY VARIATIONS for piano 6 min [2007]

POOLS OF LIVING WATER for organ 4 min [2004]

ARISE MY LOVE from LOVE SENSES for organ 3 min [2002]

A FOUNTAIN OF GARDENS from Love Senses for organ 4 min [2002]

VARIATIONS ON A THEME BY ELLIE for organ 4 min [2002]

KNELL for piano 3 min [2002]


A SHEPHERD’S VOYAGE for piano 3 min [1996]

RIP-CALL for violoncello 3 min [1991]

ARIOSO for violoncello 4 min [1995]



INCIDENTAL MUSIC TO SLEEP STUDY Drew University Theatre Department production 50 min [2010]


Produced at the College of Charleston Theatre Department midi realization 50 min [2005]


Original music for the short film Search by Brad Jayne 22 min [2006]



Concerto in One Movement- Florence Price New Black Music Repertory Ensemble 18 min [2011]

        Reconstructed the orchestra score for the concerto commissioned by The Center for Black Music Research, Columbia College

 “In the Giving” Charleston Symphony Orchestra Gospel Choir [2007]                 

“O come, o come Emanuel” Charleston Symphony Orchestra Gospel Choir 4 min [2002]                 

“The Greatest Gift” Charleston Symphony Orchestra Gospel Choir 4 min [2002]

“Here’s to Life” Lee Pringle/ Charleston Symphony Orchestra Pops[2001]                 

“Why Should I Care?”  Lee Pringle/ Charleston Symphony Orchestra Pops [2002]                 

“Christmas is Jesus Christ” Charleston Symphony Orchestra Gospel Choir 6 min [2001]